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Privacy Policy

Although the wording of our Privacy Policy may be somewhat humorous at times (even if only in the mind of the narrator), we take your privacy and the trust you place with us in regard to the information you provide very seriously. The following policy will describe what information we collect, how the information is used, how it is protected, and what options are available to the visitor. We hope that your visits to,,,, and will be safe, secure, and satisfying.

  • Information we collect

    We collect an assortment of general and personal information. Generally, we collect search words and page hits so that we can improve our website and make it more "findable" to the public (anything to narrow down the bazillion or two hits that Google provides). We also collect information of a more personal nature. For example, we collect e-mail addresses for a variety of reasons. At times, we may conduct polls, surveys, or contests, so we collect e-mails in order to notify the winners. Additionally, we collect e-mails for correspondence such as an electronic newsletter, notifications and such. We also collect voluntarily submitted personal information such as is found on an contact form. In relation to "cookies," the website may use cookies in certain places to speed access to our site. The cookies will be located in your browser (but we will keep the cookie monster away from your system-honest).

  • Uses of information

    We will not give, sell, trade, barter for baubles or motorcycle parts, pet supplies, or in any way release your information to any third parties (unless Uncle Sam subpoenas us) except to comply with applicable laws or to protect our visitors or the public. We do not partner with nor share any of your information with any advertising or other company (we dislike telemarketers as much as you do). Our two major uses of the information that we collect is to improve our service and our website to enhance our visitors' experiences, and to keep you up to date with all things happening within our company.

  • Protection

    Certain personal information is more critical than others, such as individual social security numbers, or credit card numbers. Any/all processing done for Unisance, LLC is done by third party providers in order for instance, to process a charge. For this reason, we use the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt personal information so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. In any case, we will never ask for your individual social security numbers. In some cases certain clients may ask us to keep their credit card information on file to facilitate future purchase. In this case, they have likely not used a cart or other automated device, but called our office to process the charge somewhat manually. We avoid this at all costs! We'd rather NOT have your credit card number! As further protection for our customers, all Unisance, LLC employees and contractors have signed a Non-Discloser statment that stays on record in our office. A copy of such can be provided upon request.

  • Your credit card charges
  • Any/all charges that will post to your credit card will be from "Unisance, LLC".,,,, and are all 'business units" under the Unisance,LLC group of companies and will charge through Unisance, LLC

  • Visitor Options

    By visiting our website, you are giving your consent for us to collect your information. In order to opt out of our collection of your personal information, do not provide voluntary information to the website. If at any time you would like to know what information of yours we have collected, contact the corporate offices and request a copy of the information we have collected. Likewise, contact the corporate offices with any inquiries. From time to time, we may use the information that we have collected in new and unanticipated ways. Any future changes that may occur to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page.

Refunds & Cancellations

We strive to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers purchasing products or services from our company and business units. Some guidelines for refunds or cancellations...

  • Tickets to events There will be no refunds on tickets purchased for a event produced by Unisance, LLC unless the event is cancelled by us. In the case where a event is cancelled, you will be contacted and offered the option of credit towards another event or event, or refund to your credit card. Please allow 14 days for the credit to be applied.
  • Tickets/admission to seminars or workshops>

    For seminars or workshops (like PLUG ME), just express your disatisfaction with the workshop and your money will cheerfully be refunded in the maner it was made. In the case of credit card payment, please allow 7-14 days for the credit to be applied.

  • Tickets/admission to other events, seminars or workshops

    For other events, there may be specific refund policies. Please check website for that specific event. At this point in time, we don't have "other events" so are not prepared to make anything up to fit this scenario!

  • Contract, hourly billing (services)

    Each Unisance, LLC contract outlines specifics on refunds for hourly or contracted billing


Delivery of actual product (like CD's, T-Shirts or other stuff you can actually hold in your hands), will be made in 14-21 days (or in some cases, be specified as you purchase that actual product). In the case of back order or late product shipment to our offices, we will contact you and you may decide to wait for delivery or request a refund.

In the case of services (web site creation, designs or other stuff that you really can't hold in your hands), delivery is specifically outlined in the contract you will sign. You may request a copy of your signed contract at any time.

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