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PLUG ME, a new way to look at your "30 second commercial"

PLUG ME Workshop by Grant Holmes

Listen to a testimonial from a satisfied attendee.. M. Parker, FL

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PLUG ME? Sure. Why not! We got your attention didn't we? What is PLUG ME?

Professional Language Ultimately Gets the Most Effect!

Face it, how do people react to your "30 second commercial"? Come on, you know. If it's a less than stellar reaction like, "REALLY? Tell me more!", you may have a bad case of "I really don't know how to interest people in what I do-i-tis" (that's do-eye-tis).

No matter how many TIP clubs or Chambers of Commerce you belong to, if your message is receiving poor reception, don't blame the TIP club. Look at how you're presenting your business! Look around when you're talking. Are people listening? Do they look bored? Do they look like they'd like to be doing anything but listening to your 'pitch'?

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I found Grant to a most enlightening speaker bringing forth an abundance of enthusiasm to his presentation along with some wit and good humor. Grant is not your usual “seminar” speaker, but presents h...

Submitted by Frank Kelly,
Orlando, FL on 05/21/2011
I enjoyed the workshop tremendously! I feel more confident with a “set” commercial, I feel more confident especially knowing what I will be saying instead of looking for words and feeling “unsure” of ...

Submitted by Erine Bodo,
Canton, OH on 06/21/2009
I've been in sales & marketing for over a decade now. I didn't feel my elevator pitch was working for me after hearing countless others that make an impact. I also found others who atten...

Submitted by Cindy Campbell,
Canton, OH on 04/03/2010
Thank you for your presentation and help at last night’s Networking for Women. The constructive criticism has me looking at all elevator pitches in a new light. The interaction from the group, and you...

Submitted by B.R., Member Florida Institute for Technology Networking
Orlando, FL on 05/21/2009
I really enjoyed your recent class on commercials. You have a gift for coming up with commercials on the spot without even thinking about them. The information and questions you covered was so helpf...

Submitted by Marsha Knouff, Celebration in Sound
Massillon, on 03/05/2011

Are you nervous about talking in front of that audience? Worried about your business description is putting people to sleep? Stuck not knowing what to do? Shocked by all the money you're spending on TIP clubs and Chamber Dues without any good results? Wish you had more confidence speaking in front of any group? Positive you could nail it if you only knew how? If you dread standing up in front of your peers to talk about what it is you do, we have two great solutions for you!

First, consider our Premium Executive Podium Training seminar. This seminar is great preparation for speaking in any public venue.

However, if you're just stuck on the short "Elevator Speech" or the infamous "30 Second Commercial", the seminar below is just for you!

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Grant Holmes

About the instructor:

Your instructor, multi-entrepreneur, author and vocal entertainer, Grant Holmes, has trained speakers, taught PowerPoint® seminars and many other subjects internationally since 1997. His company "Speak2You, Inc." specializes in training and developing employees and Grant has worked internationally for companies like NCR, CompuMaster, even performing training for NSA (National Speaker Association) Candidates. Grant also has years of experience in local theater, both traditional and dinner theater where audience interaction is paramount. All this is to say that Grant is a master at getting the language right the first time.

Are you getting results?

If you are representing your business in the marketplace or have employees doing so, you may not be doing everything you can to get your business attention. Why?

  • Lack of training resources
  • Never considered how important it was
  • Never had professional training
  • They figured, "how hard can it be?"

The bottom line: What Will I Learn? Whats The Agenda?

Glad you asked!

  • You need to understand that this is fast paced, hands-on experiential learning. While Grant will lecture a bit here and there, this is an interactive class. You will practice and you will literally learn as we go.
  • First off, we'll take a casual approach to learning more about what you do and what's interesting about your business.
  • Then we ramp the pressure and have you give your actual 30 second commercial to the group.
  • Then we'll look at every component of your language. From what you said, the words you use, and how you said them will be analyzed.
  • You'll be given immediate "Feed Forward" on how to make the language AND presentation better.
  • You'll participate in the "Feed Forward" given other participants, thus re-learning some of the finer points of languaging and framing of that language.
  • Finally, you'll give us one last preview of your new commercial with all of your great improvements!

Students can look forward to two solid hours of learning, fun and encouragement! Mainly, you can count on two incredibly focused hours of watching others, watching yourself and learning while doing!

What's the price?

Our price is only $49.00 (* See Guarantee) for this full TWO-hour seminar where Grant will teach you these processes and you practice AND you leave with the confidence to build your business!

Grant's Iron-Clad, Lifetime Guarantee...

Two Parts

  • "If at the end of the two-hour class, you feel that you've not gotten a tremendous value, I'll return every penny you paid for this seminar. Period."
  • Like "Hotel California"... "You can check out, but you can never leave!"
    As a "PLUG ME" graduate, you may ALWAYS return to a class with an open seat. There is no charge. Maybe you've gotten stale, or switched jobs, or still really don't have the right commercial yet. Just drop Grant a line and ask about current openings!

Final thoughts...

Trip to the seminar...Couple bucks for gas
Powerful Two hour training session...Only $49.00 (* See Guarantee)
The confidence that others will finally GET your business...PRICELESS

For more information on the seminar, please Contact Grant, or call our office at 330-327-5208

Get Plugged In to business networking as you've never known it before!

What is... PLUG Me workshop
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