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So, what's this site about? It's a little about building my network, so I can build yours! But most importantly, this site is about building incredibly exciting networking opportunities for any group that has grown tired of the same old tired networking event. So read on for some of my philosophy on networking, or grab a menu and wander around. And if you have a networking tip, hit the response page and let me know. If it's unique and of value and NOT the "same old", we'll post it with full atribution to you, your business and how we can help you! Thanks for dropping by!

How do you get leads for your business? How many of your employees are NOT in sales? How do you market what you do to your potential audience? How do you market to your direct audience? How do you keep your pipeline perking with potentially profitable

Networking, tip clubs, tip groups, networking roundtable, business awareness groups and even chambers of commerce have one thing in common; a place for you to expand the base your business normally reaches.

But here's the challenge; I personally think most folks approach networking from the wrong perspective. Certainly, we all want business to flow to us. But think about this for a moment; Have you ever had an indespensible employee, assistant, business you depend on, or other helper? Every time you turn around, they have you covered. I have several situations like this. For instance, I utilize Michele Randolph at Gold Force Administrative Services to perform all kinds of office stuff that I know will just get done, on time and at a cost I can afford. More accurately, a cost I can't afford NOT to utilize for what I get. What's the point? When anyone whines about not knowing how they'll get a given project done, I mention Michele. She is the resourse as far as I'm concerned. So is my QuickBooks specialist, my favorite/best photographer, my... well, you get the picture. My point is that I know my resourses. More importantly, I know how to refer them to others!

So? So start thinking about networking differently. Instead of approaching every networking opportunity as a business opportunity for you, just once, try and see how much of a resourse you can be to others. Get to KNOW them, what they do, how they do it, what's their reputation like? Do they return calls? Do they follow up? Do they make you look good for having referred them? We all know some people are only in it for themselves. They won't return calls, they don't follow up, they drop the ball and worse, they make you look bad. And they are the first to whine about how bad the economy is. Forget them.

Your assignment for the next week is to take every opportunity to place yourself into situations where you can be THE resourse to those that need that indespensible assistant, they want to buy some jewelry or Avon or insurance or... and you are the one that knows the person that will treat that lead as a precious jewel..

Suddenly, you'll find people coming to you for information because they know you know who to know. That's how I got the moniker, "The Business Connection Guy". I belong to The Jackson Belden Chamber of Commerce, The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce and several other independent networking type groups. While my goal is always to get connected, my PRIMARY goal is to be known as the source. When you start this process, you'll suddenly find that when you're helping 99 people extend their marketing reach, YOU will have 99 people extending yours. You can't help but be at the top of their mind!

Get Plugged In to business networking as you've never known it before!

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